How to skip all 100% matches in TagEditor (Locking 100% matches)

While translating or reviewing a TagEditor file, you can skip all 100% matches by pressing [Alt+Num*] ("Translate to Fuzzy.")

However, you might want to skip all 100% matches but repeated segments. In this case, there is a workaround to lock 100% matches before starting translation. (If you follow the following steps after translation, repeated parts will also be locked.)

First, you need to pre-translate all files with exiting TM.

To pre-translate the documents, please go to "Tools > Translate." The Translate Files dialog will appear. You can add "files to translate" and perform pre-translation.

Now open a pre-translated ttx file using a text editor such as EmEditor or EditPad Lite 7 and change "100% matches units" to "XU (Xtranslated or PerfectMatch) units" by referring to the Figure 1:

Figure 1. Changing 100% matches to XU units
Figure 1. Changing 100% matches to XU units

If you open the ttx file using TagEditor, you will find that the 100% units have been changed to XU units and they cannot be edited. (If it does not work, you must correct the string which will be placed under "Find:" in the figure above, according to actual code which indicates the 100% matches in the ttx file.)

Figure 2. XU units
Figure 2. XU units

In Figure 2, the indicated Korean segments are locked and cannot be edited. To edit such XU units, you need to uncheck "Protect PerfectMatch units (XUs)" from "Tools > Options > Protection."

If you have, for example, more than 100 ttx files, it's hard to edit all files. In that case, "Find in Files" feature of EmEditor will be very handy.

If you press "Ctrl+Shift+F" in EmEditor, the "Find in Files" dialog box will appear. Please click "Replace >>." The "Replace in Files" dialog appears. Now you can fine-tune the options as you wish. (If you do not have EmEditor install on your system, you might be able to use Linux to replace a string in multiple files.)

If there are sub-folders, please check "Look in Subfolders." Before clicking "Replace All," you must note that this action cannot be undone. Therefore, it's recommended that you will make backup of all files in advance.

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