Elegant Themes Divi Custom Blog Modules

Divi Custom Blog Modules

I currently use Divi by Elegant Themes in this blog. Divi has two Blog Module layouts besides the Post Slider module.

Blog Module Layout in Divi
Divi Blog Modules Layout

There are two Blog Module layouts: Fullwith & Grid.

You can customize Blog Module as you wish, but it's not easy. I added a custom Blog Module to use on my blog.

Divi Custom Blog Module

As you see, it lists the posts along with thumbnails on the left. Thumbnails are hidden in mobile devices. The source code can be found from the Divi forum. But you might need to modify the source code to adapt to your site.

If you need more blog modules, you can try to use Divi Custom Blog Modules.

Divi Custom Blog Modules

Divi Custom Blog Modules has 12 new and exclusive customizer options.

Once purchased, you are free to use this "Divi Custom Blog Modules" plugin for both personal and commercial use on as many sites as you like for as long as you like.

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  1. divi blog 모듈이 많지 않던데요, 이 커스텀 모듈을 이용하면 한국식 게시판 형태 목록(제목, 날짜 정도 나오는)을 만들 수 있을까요? 본문의 링크 누르면 페이지가 없다고 나오네요.

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