Use Poedit Pro 2 to Leverage Machine Translation

Using Poedit Pro 2 to Leverage Machine Translation

Poedit is an application designed to translate WordPerss language files (.po.)

Recently, Poedit 2, a brand new major version almost two years in development, was released. Now in Poedit 2, it's possible to leverage Poedit’s huge online database and machine translation to pre-translate the file before you edit it to save valuable time.

As far as I tested, the quality is not so bad. (Of course, it may not be comparable with Google Translate.)

Poedit Pre-translation feature

For example, Poedit translated the sentence "Portable and mobile RF communication equipment can affect medical electrical equipment." into Japanese as follows:

Test translation in Japanese using Poedit

I think it's one way to leverage Poedit to pretranslate documents just a reference.

To import strings into Poedit, you need to prepare a po file in the language you want (You might be able to obtain it easily if you use WordPress.) You can replace existing strings with the string to translate.

For example, I used the following regular expression to import strings in Poedit:

#: wp-admin/network/site-info.php:194\r\nmsgid "\1"\r\nmsgstr ""\r\n

After importing the strings in Poedit, you can pre-translate them. Once the pretranslation is one, you can refer to it during translation. Or you might want to export the pretranslated strings in Excel or other format. It's also possible to convert the strings in tab-delimited format using regular expression. The developer of Poedit said that they plan to include the feature to export as Excel in the future.

Introducing Poedit 2

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