Comparing Bluehost and FastComet: An In-Depth Analysis for Web Hosting Choices

Bluehost and FastComet are well-known major hosting companies. They operate similar pricing plans and provide similar server resources.

However, compared to Bluehost, FastComet might be a better option as it has servers in various regions around the world, offers an automatic backup system, and is also more affordable.

Comparison of Bluehost and FastComet

I have been using Bluehost for a long time but recently switched my server to Cloudways. I also recently moved this WordPress blog to Cloudways.

Personally, in terms of cost-effectiveness, Bluehost and FastComet can be considered, but among the two, FastComet seems to be better in several aspects. If speed is important or if you are planning to operate multiple sites, Cloudways can also be a good choice.

Price Comparison

Both web hosting services offer similar pricing plans. When comparing shared hosting, FastComet tends to be more cost-effective.

Bluehost Pricing:

Bluehost's prices vary based on the commitment period (12 months vs 36 months). Below is the price list for one of Bluehost's shared hosting options, WordPress hosting.

Bluehost 12-month plan
12-month pricing plan
Bluehost 36-month plan
36-month pricing plan

FastComet Pricing:

FastComet applies the same price regardless of the number of months.

Comparing the prices of both hosting companies, they are similar, but FastComet is cheaper for a long-term commitment (36 months). Comparing the similar-level products, Bluehost's Choice Plus and FastComet's FastCloud Plus:

12 months:

  • Bluehost's Choice Plus: 12 months * $4.95/month = $59.40
  • FastComet's FastCloud Plus: 12 months * $4.49/month = $53.85

36 months:

  • Bluehost's Choice Plus: 36 months * $7.45/month = $268.20
  • FastComet's FastCloud Plus: 36 months * $4.49/month = $161.55

Note that both Bluehost and FastComet charge the original price upon renewal after the contract period ends. That is, Bluehost's Choice Plus will be $19.99/month, and FastComet's FastCloud Plus will be $17.95/month. Please refer to the following article for more information on this.

After using FastComet's product for 36 months, switching to another hosting service like GreenGeeks at the end of the period can save costs.

Provided Resources

For Bluehost, the number of sites you can operate is limited depending on the plan.

Looking at each product…

  • Basic: Operate 1 site, 10GB SSD storage provided
  • Choice Plus: Operate 3 sites, 40GB SSD storage provided
  • PRO: Operate 5 sites, 100GB SSD storage provided

In contrast, FastComet allows unlimited site operations for all but its lowest-priced product.

Looking at each product…

  • Basic: Operate 1 site, 15GB SSD space
  • Plus: Unlimited site operations, 25GB SSD space
  • Extra: Unlimited site operations, 35GB SSD space

Maximum File Number Limit

In shared hosting, there is a limit to prevent unlimited file uploads. This is known as the Inode Limit.

Bluehost allows only 50,000 inodes per cPanel account to maintain optimal server performance. It states that exceeding 200,000 may lead to a breach of contract and possible service suspension. The Pro account is allowed up to 300,000 inodes.

We only allow 50,000 inodes per cPanel account because that is where we see optimal server performance. We understand that not all of our customers can reduce their file count that far; for this reason, this is a “Soft limit,” meaning that while the limit is reached, you will still be able to upload files. Once the account exceeds 200,000 files, it will violate our Terms of Service and can result in possible suspension.

In FastComet, the file usage quota for FastCloud Basic and FastCloud Plus is 250,000, while for FastCloud Extra, it is allowed up to 500,000.

  • Bluehost Shared Hosting: 50,000 inodes (service suspension above 200,000)
  • Bluehost PRO: 200,000 inodes
  • FastComet FastCloud Basic & Plus: 250,000 inodes
  • FastComet FastCloud Extra: 500,000 inodes

Customer Support Experience

Both Bluehost and FastComet offer customer support through 24/7 live chat. In Bluehost's case, VPS users are connected to live chat faster than shared hosting users.

FastComet seems to connect shared hosting users to live chat relatively quickly as well.

While both companies are similar, usually there are no major issues in getting connected, but during times of high customer support requests, Bluehost often experiences difficulties in connecting.

Automatic Backup/Restoration

Bluehost does not offer an automatic backup/restoration system. However, they can provide a daily backup copy upon customer request, which may take some time.

FastComet, on the other hand, promptly handles automatic backup/restoration when contacted through their support center.

In Conclusion

We have compared Bluehost and FastComet. Both companies are cost-effective, but if I had to choose between the two, FastComet might score slightly better in terms of speed, server resources, and customer support. More detailed information about FastComet can be found here.

As a note, Cloudways, although more expensive than shared hosting in terms of cost, allows for the operation of more sites and is faster. This is why it has recently become more popular in our country. The fee is billed at the beginning of the following month.

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