Bluehost VPS users can install free SSL certificates for WordPress installations

Several months ago, I ordered a Comodo SSL certificate from Bluehost since free SSL was not available for VPS accounts while it's available for shared hosting accounts.

Paid SSL certificates available from Bluehost

However, for some reasons, I could not receive a verification email from Comodo and I had to cancel the order. (I tried to contact Comodo to verify the ownership of my domain name, but in vain.)

Yesterday, I checked cPanel and found that free SSL is now available for VPS customers.

You can install a free SSL certificate for your WordPress installation from cPanel.

Please click on the SSL icon under Security. Now you can see that WordPress Free SSL is available.


Please click on "get started" to start to install a free Comodo SSL certificate for your domain name.

(If you I already installed the free SSL certificate, the following message will appear: "You have already purchased a certificate for this domain.")

Then, the following screen will appear:

It's safe to contact Bluehost after requesting to install a free SSL certificate.

I think Bluehost VPS is a cost-efficient plan. If you want a shared hosting, Siteground will be a good option in terms of performances and stability. Siteground also offers fee Le'ts Encrypt SSL certificates and SSH even for shared hosting users.

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