Updating the TM in Trados 2007

Now Trados 2007 became outdated and many linguists use SDL Trados 2010/2014. I also generally use Trados Studio 2011 and rarely use version 2007 because most clients send me the files processed using Trados 2011 or 2014. The other day, a friend of mine called me asked me how to update the TM with the translations. The TM can be updated using the following steps:

1. Please go to "Tools -> Clean up..."

2. Select "Add..." to choose the unclean files such as the ttx files.

3. Please make sure to select "Update TM".

4. Click "Clean Up" to start the process.

5. After updating the TM, you might need to export it in TMX format (optional.)

Clean up the TM in Trados 2007

Please refer to this page for updating the TMs in Trados 2011/2014.

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