SiteGround added a support for PHP 7.3

Now SiteGround added the support for PHP 7.3. SG users can choose PHP 7.3 as well as other PHP version starting from PHP 5.5. You can change the PHP version for the root directory or the first level subdirectories under cPnel > 1H Software > PHP Version Manager.

SiteGround supports PHP 7.3

Currently, most web applications, including WordPress, don’t work on PHP 7.3 yet. According to the official WordPress 5.0 Schedule Post, full PHP 7.3 support will be added in the major 5.0 update (or in the minor 4.9.9 update if it's released.)

According to PHP 7.3 Preparation Tasks, the official version of PHP 7.3 will be released on December 6, 2018.

PHP 7.3 schedule

PHP 5 will no longer be supported with security fixes, starting on 1 January 2019. So, even if a vulnerability is discovered, it won’t be fixed. PHP version 7 has many improvements over PHP version 5.

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