How to move Vultr Snapshots to another account


You can consider to use Digital Ocean or Vultr if you want to use affordable VPS servers.

In Vultr, snapshots make it easy to deploy new instances or backup your dev environment before making big changes.

It's possible to move snapshots to another Vultr account by requesting it via the Support menu.

In order to confirm and complete this snapshot transfer, please open a ticket in the <source|destination> account confirming this move with the following information:
* Subject: "Move Snapshot <Snapshot Public ID> to account <email>"
* Ticket Content: "Confirming move from ticket <TICKETNUMBER>"

For your security, our billing administrators will review this request and process it manually - please allow some time for this.

If you opened a new ticket to request to move a snapshot to another account, please ask the other account to also open a ticket requesting the snapshot be transferred, mentioning the snapshot ID in the ticket.

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