[Korean Drama] The Great Queen Seondeok EP06, #07 & #08

Queen Seondeok lived from around 580 AD to 647 AD (Please click "CC" for subtitles.) This is a touching story. Young Seondeok was in a danger but her desperate attempts...

The Great Queen Seondeok EP06, #07

Queen Seondeok - Korean Drama

[Deokman - young Seondeok] I can make rain!
[Village people] What? - Come again?
[Deokman] I can make it rain.
Listen, I know how to predict rain, trust me.
[A woman] How you going to do that?
[A man] The skies are clear, who you kidding?
[A woman] Sun is burning down on us, look.
[Deokman]  But suppose I make it rain? That's what you need, right?
Of course.
I'll make it rain, really for sure.
Have a little faith. I know how to predict rain.
[Seolzi] You can make it rain?
[Deokman]  Yes, sir. You saw my books? I'm from the desert.
And the desert's dry, right? No water.
But we still eke out a living. How you think we live?
By making rain when we need it, that's how!
[A man] He's so full of... I should..!
He'd say anything to save himself.
He tried to talk his way out of this. Look how far he's sunk.
How could HE make it rain? - SO full of it.
[Deokman] No, I can do it. Untie me and I'll show you.
[Seolzi] Untie him.
[A man] Sir.
What the..? - What's he doing?
What's that?
What're you..?
[Deokman] Gimme your hand, ya baby.
[A man] Fine. Here!
What's this..?
Ouch! He burned me!
Burn... owie...
[Deokman] I control fire and water.
[Deokman]  Give me my books and I'll get you your rain.
[Seolzi] (I will give you) Three days.
It rains in three days...
or you die.
[Deokman]  I understand.
[Deokman]  Please make an altar for me. (I'll need an altar.)
[Seolzi] Make an altar.
- Sir.
[Cheonmyeong] That's just a magnifying glass. It can't make it rain.
[Cheonmyeong]  What are you up to? What makes you think you can make it rain?
[Cheonmyeong] Do you really know how?
[Deokman] How would I know?
[Deokman]  But I bought us three days.
[Deokman] Who knows?
[Deokman] Gold might grow from the ground or a passing princess might save us.
[Deokman] Or maybe it'll really rain.

The Great Queen Seondeok EP06, #08



[Village people] He got away! He's gone!

[Seolzi] Where is he?

[A man] (He is) Over there!

Over there. He's in the fields. That way.

There he is.

[Seolzi] What are you doing?

[Deokman] Maybe I can't bring you rain, but I can find water.

[A man] You think we haven't tried that?

[Deokman] But you only dug the topsoil. You've got to go deeper.

I know we'll find water.

I'm sure of it.

[Seolzi] Enough.

Get up.


[Deokman] If I do [stop], what then? You want I should lay down and die?

I've faced death before, over and over, I've faced death and won until I came here!

I lost my mom...

She died to save me, so I could come here.

And you want to send me back to the Sui [a kingdom of China]?

Or to kill me now?

No... I have to meet Munno. I have to ask him something.

Please take me to him. Let me find him!

I can't leave Silla [one of the three kingdoms in the Korean Peninsula at that time] until I find him.

I can't die!

So stop it! Stop telling me to stop!

[Seolzi] Go.

You need to go. Do it now.

[Village people] Go on.

[Seolzi] I said go!

[Village people] Go on.

You should.

[Cheonmyeong] What... about me?

[Seolzi] What are you? What didn't do a thing.

Look at him. No one stands in his way.

He wanted his freedom more than we wanted to sell him.

We can't stop him.

But at least we'll make something from selling you.

Tie her!

This is really a touching story. Have you ever been so desperate in your life?

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