[Korean Drama] The Great Queen Seondeok, EP01, #01

The Great Queen Seondeok, EP01, #01

Queen Seondeok of Silla (about 600 - 17 February 647) reigned as Queen Regnant of Silla, one of the Three Kingdoms of the Korea Peninsulla, from 632 to 647. She was Silla's twenty-seventh ruler, and its first reigning queen. She was the second female sovereign in East Asian history and encouraged a renaissance in thought, literature, and the arts in Silla (- Source: Wikipedia).
[Naration] When the heaven and the earth were connected and had not been separated yet,

when there were two suns and two moons, a sun fell and became a star in the North Pole.

(And) a moon fell and became the seven stars of the Big Dipper of the North.

Smaller stars became the stars of the people (and)

Big stars became the stars of kings.

To rule the big stars, the Great Emperor JinHeung (Korean: 진흥대제) descended.

He raised [led] Shilla, a small and weak nation,  and established a great sacred nation.

Are you Baekje armies? [Baekje was a rival of Shilla]

That is right. We came to carry out the revenge for our deceased king!

Slay him!

Your Majesty!

[MiShil] Your Majesty, I have erred.

[King JinHeung] That is not so. I didn't listen to you and paid dearly for it.

[MiShil] You must not inspect the national boundary alone, Your Majesty.

Please stop your inspection and return to the palace.

[King JinHeung] No, I will not.

[MiShil] But Your Majesty,

[King JinHeung] I am going to climb up Mount PukHan [in Seoul today] with my grandson PaekJeong, the crown prince, and view my Shilla.

[Peak "Bi" (Bi-bong) at Mount PukHan]

[King JinHeung] All of this is my Shilla.

[MiShil] Not only that, Your Majesty. You rule from Maheulryeong and Hwangchoryeong of the North to Danghang Fort of the West.

[King JinHeung] This is your accomplishment.

[King JinHeung] You have created the new Shilla, the new era.

[King JinHeung] Eul Je, I commend you for establishing stability within the walls.

[Eul Je] My deepest respect to you, Your Majesty.

[King JinHeung] And to you, Noribu and SeJong [maybe Seijong], you have given me support and led the army.

I commend you for your loyalty.

[Noribu and SeJong] Our deepest respect to Your Royal Grace, Your Majesty.

[King JinHeung] And you, MiShil...

[MiShil] Yes, Your Majesty.

[King JinHeung] As a Wonhwa [a position to lead young people], you have raised the members of Hwarang and trained good talents.

[King JinHeung] SeolWon,

[SeolWon] Yes, Your Majesty... and MunNo,

[MiShil] Chief MunNo has gone to JoongAk to hold the Docheon ceremony.

[King JinHeung] MiShil, SeolWon, MunNo, I commend your achievements.

Our deepest respects, Your Majesty.

[King JinHeung] Now, the Shilla of the future belongs to you.

[King JinHeung] Because of you, our impossible dream became possible.

[All] Your Majesty, our deepest gratitude for Your Royal Grace.

[King JinHeung] My dear PaekJeong! You must also take after me and realize even more impossible dreams.

Do you understand?

[PaekJeong] I do, Your Majesty.

[King JinHeung]  Great, if all of the people here support you, then you will realize them.

[Prince Geum Ryun: the second son of King JinHeung. He became King JinJi later.]


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