Keyboard Shortcuts for Déjà Vu X2

The following tables shows a complete list of keyboard shortcuts that are available by default within Déjà Vu X2 Professional.

Command NameKeyboard Shortcut
Open FileCtrl+O
New FileCtrl+N
Exit Déjà Vu X2Alt+F4
CopyCtrl+C or Ctrl+Ins
Copy All CodesAlt+F8
Copy Next CodeF8 or Ctrl+D
Delete CodesCtrl+Space
Delete Codes and TextCtrl+Space
PasteCtrl+V or Shift+Insert
Select AllCtrl+Shift+A
Find NextF3 or Shift+F4
Select AllCtrl+Shift+A
Translate with Google TranslateCtrl+G
Scan with WildcardsCtrl+Shift+S
Lookup with WildcardsCtrl+Shift+L
Check Embedded CodesCtrl+Shift+F8
Fix Embedded CodesCtrl+F8
Check for Multiple Exact MatchesCtrl+F3
Check Terminology (Single Segment)Ctrl+Shift+T
Check Terminology BatchCtrl+T
Find Next Number MismatchCtrl+Shift+F7
Batch QA ValidationCtrl+Q
Find Next Terminology MismatchCtrl+F7
Change CaseShift+F3
Expand AutoText entryCtrl+Shift+F3
Display CodeShift+F6
Do Not Send to Translation MemoryCtrl+Shift+D
Split SegmentsCtrl+I
Join SegmentsCtrl+J
Swap Current and Next WordsCtrl+Shift+N
Swap Previous and Current WordsCtrl+Shift+B
Lock/Unlock SegmentsCtrl+Shift+K
Reset Segment StatusCtrl+Shift+U
See in ContextF6
Character MapCtrl+K
View PropertiesF4
View Project ExplorerCtrl+Alt+L
Word CountCtrl+W
Go to the Beginning of TableCtrl+PgUp
Go to the End of TableCtrl+PgDn
Go to Next SegmentCtrl+DownArrow
Go to Next Segment (No AutoFeatures)Alt+RightArrow
Go to Next Segment (Overwrite Propagated Segments)Alt+Ctrl+DownArrow
Go to Next Untranslated SegmentAlt+DownArrow
Go to Previous SegmentCtrl+UpArrow
Go to Previous Segment (no AutoFeatures)Alt+LeftArrow
Go to Previous Untranslated SegmentAlt+UpArrow
Go to Next Portion (AutoSearch)Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow
Go to Next Segment (AutoSearch - Segments)Alt+Shift+DownArrow
Go to Previous Portion (AutoSearch)Ctrl+Shift+UpArrow
Go to Previous Segment (AutoSearch - Segments)Alt+Shift+UpArrow
Insert AutoSearch Portion (Insert)Ctrl+1...n
Insert AutoSearch Portion (Overwrite)Ctrl+Shift+1...n
Insert Current AutoSearch Portion (Insert)Ctrl+R
Insert Current AutoSearch Portion (Overwrite)Ctrl+Shift+R
Insert Current AutoSearch Segment (Insert)Ctrl+E
Insert Current AutoSearch Segment (Overwrite)Ctrl+Shift+E
Populate All LanguagesCtrl+Alt+F5
Populate Current LanguageAlt+F5
Populate Current Segment
(Copy Current Source to the Target Segment)
Populate Current Segment (Insert)
(This will not overwrite the text in the Target Segment)
Propagate in Current FileF9
Propagate in Current File (Overwrite)Shift+F9
Propagate to All FilesAlt+F9
Propagate to All Files (Overwrite)Alt+Shift+F9
Delete CommentCtrl+Shift+M
Add CommentCtrl+M
Next BookmarkF2
Previous BookmarkShift+F2
Toggle BookmarkCtrl+F2 or Ctrl+B
Add Pair to LexiconF10
Add Pair to TermbaseF11
Add Pair to Termbase (No Prompt)Shift+F11
Add Pair to Translation MemoryF12
Add Project to Translation MemoryAlt+F12

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