Is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics safe from radiation from Fukushima in Japan?

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic torch relay will commence in Fukushima where a nuclear power plant accident took place after the biggest earthquake in history of Japan in 2011. Most especially, Olympic baseball and softball games, also to be held in Fukushima just 55 miles from Fukushima's ground zero. In addition, Tokyo plans to offer Olympic players food from disaster-hit regions.

Experts say 2020 Tokyo Olympics unsafe due to Fukushima.

According to "60 Minutes Australia": the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant is still leaking. And judging from the experience at Chernobyl, recovery won't be measured in years. More like centuries.

"60 Minutes will also broadcast a warning from one of Australia's leading medical and nuclear experts, who says the 2020 Tokyo Olympics should be cancelled, due to radiation contamination."

The following YouTube video show a series of interviews from Japanese who do not know the risk of foods from Fukushima.

It's shocking that lots of convenient stores in Japan sell foods from rice of Fukushima Prefecture.

Japan oppressed and invaded Korea repeatedly throughout the history and committed crimes against humanity. However, they have not sincerely apologized for their behaviors. On the contrary, Japanese government tries to refuse and conceal them. Today, there is a widespread sentiment in Japan that hates Korea. Japanese politicians try to convert domestic complaints towards outside: specifically towards Korea. It's a very dangerous idea.

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