How to Build an Effective Landing Page on WordPress: Tips Using Elementor, GeneratePress & Divi

If you want to quickly and easily create a landing page in WordPress, consider using pre-made templates. Many users leverage the Elementor builder to craft their landing pages. In South Korea, some users use templates from the GeneratePress theme’s Site Library to develop their landing pages.

For those looking to create diverse landing pages swiftly, utilizing the layouts from the Divi theme is also a viable option. I primarily use the layout pages from the Divi theme for this purpose.

How to Build an Effective Landing Page on WordPress: Tips Using Elementor, GeneratePress & Divi

Creating a Landing Page Easily with WordPress

Creating landing pages can be easily accomplished using web builders like Wix or Brizy Cloud. However, WordPress may be a better choice for search engine optimization (SEO).

Particularly when it comes to connecting a domain, services like Wix and Brizy Cloud require a switch to a paid plan. If you want to operate multiple sites on WordPress, you can use an international hosting service like Cloudways to install several WordPress instances on a single server and connect them to domains.

Additionally, dependence on a platform can lead to account suspension or termination due to violations of the platform's terms. While it's understandable if the account is suspended for clear violations, there can be instances where accounts are unjustly suspended or access to sites is unfairly restricted. Similar issues can occur when using platforms like Tistory or Naver Blog.

Setting a Specific Page as the Homepage (Front Page)

In WordPress, you can create a specific page and set it as the homepage (front page) to be used as a landing page.

To set a specific page as the homepage, go to Settings » Reading » Your homepage displays and choose A static page. Then, specify the desired page in the Homepage field.

How to Build an Effective Landing Page on WordPress: Tips Using Elementor, GeneratePress & Divi

For example, if you create a page named 'Home' (slug: home), its URL will be However, if you set this page as the homepage, visiting will display this page.

Creating a Landing Page with Elementor Builder

If you are familiar with the Elementor page builder, consider using Elementor to create your landing page. You can load and utilize templates from Elementor's library.

엘리멘터 라이브러리 페이지 템플릿 로드하기

While the variety of page templates may be limited, a wide range of block templates is available.

엘리멘터 블록 템플릿

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders and is used by many users. The Pro version has limitations on the number of sites it can be applied to based on the license, and it requires annual renewal. Therefore, as the number of sites increases, the cost can become a burden.

After loading a template, you can easily modify the layout, text, and images using Elementor AI.

Using Templates from the GeneratePress Theme's Site Library

I occasionally come across sites that use the Site Library offered by the GeneratePress theme to create landing pages. It seems useful when creating similar landing pages.

A few years ago, the number of templates was quite limited, but as of June 2024, the Site Library nearly boasts around 97 templates, almost reaching a hundred.

GeneratePress 테마 사이트 라이브러리

You can create the desired landing page by loading a favorite template and modifying the text and images.

The GeneratePress theme is particularly popular in domestic markets for revenue-generating blogs due to its fast performance.

The premium version of GeneratePress allows installation on up to 500 sites and offers both annual and lifetime licenses, making it cost-effective.

Creating Landing Pages Using Layout Designs from the Divi Theme

The Divi theme is a best-selling theme, similar in sales to the Avada theme. It rivals both Elementor Builder and Avada in features, particularly with its access to over 2,500 layout pages.

워드프레스 Divi 테마 라이브러리

You can create pages by loading multiple templates and combining only the necessary elements. The images included in the templates are not licensed, which means they can be used in commercial projects. (Note: For Elementor templates, some third-party images are used, so it is recommended to delete these images and replace them with your own.)

Like Elementor, the Divi theme also allows you to easily modify images and text using Divi AI, and you can even code CSS and JavaScript using Divi Code AI.

Divi 테마 AI 기능

For more detailed information about the Divi theme, please visit the Divi website.

Summary of Elementor, GeneratePress Theme, and Divi Theme

We have explored ways to easily create landing pages, including one-page layouts for homepages.

Elementor Page Builder

  • Most popular mainstream page builder
  • Easily customizable using the theme builder and other tools
  • Limited number of page templates but many block templates available
  • Only annual subscription plans available with limitations on the number of sites per license

GeneratePress Theme

  • A fast WordPress theme
  • Allows the creation of landing pages using Site Library templates
  • Usability lags behind Elementor and Divi themes
  • Installable on up to 500 sites, providing a cost-effective option

Divi Theme

  • A best-selling multipurpose theme with sales comparable to the Avada theme
  • Pioneer in introducing features such as the theme builder
  • Over 2,500 layout designs available for page creation
  • Free use of included images in templates, suitable for commercial projects
  • Multiple layouts can be combined
  • No limitations on the number of applicable sites
  • Offers both annual and lifetime plans, a cost-effective option especially popular among website agencies and web designers.

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