Bluehost - What to do if a domain name was registered with a wrong email address?

Recently, a client asked me for a help with registering a domain name in Bluehost. He signed up for Bluehost's Shared Hosting plan but entered a wrong email address during sign up process.

The problem was that he registered a domain name but could not verify his email address because he entered an incorrect email address.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) requires validation of the registrant WHOIS contact information whenever you register a new domain.

When you registered a new domain name during sign up process, the domain name will appear under Domain > My Domains.

Bluehost Domain Registration - verify email address

If you have not verified your email address which was used for registering a new domain name, a warning message is displayed: "Site will go offline in 15 days." You need to click a link contained in a verification email to verify your email address. If you have not received a verification email, you can click the button "Resend Verification Email."

If a wrong email address was entered during sign up, you first need to update your email address for your Bluehost account. You can update your email account for your account on the Profile page.

Bluehost Profile page

Then, you need to modify registrant email address for your domain. Click "Manage" indicated below under Domains > My Domains.

Manage domain information - Bluehost

Here, you can modify your email address for your domain.

Please click "Contact" and "Edit" next to "Registrant" to modify registrant email address.

After updating your email address, please contact Bluehost via Live Chat. If you let them that you modified registrant email address because you had entered a wrong email address, they will check the issue and update it within 2-3 days.

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